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Tree crushes man, causes fatal injuries at remote work site

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2013 | Crush Injuries |

Not every job in Greeley is in the city or even easily accessible if an accident were to happen. While this can be dangerous, it would only make sense that those employees who don’t have ready access to emergency services would be well trained and prepared for an emergency if it were to arise. Even with the best planning and training, however, accidents can and do happen, some of which are fatal.

When someone in Greeley dies in an on-the-job accident his or her family members are often eligible for death and dependency benefits through the Colorado workers’ compensation system. These benefits are designed to help the widows and widowers, as well as dependent children, cope with not only the loss of a family member, but also the loss of his or her income. The payments can help secure a future for the families following tragic accidents, but, as with most aspects of the workers’ compensation system, the application process can be quite difficult to tackle without the help of an experienced death and dependency benefits attorney.

It is likely that the family members of a man who was fatally crushed on the job are looking for death and dependency benefits of their own following his tragic death. The man had been working with several coworkers to clear power lines in a remote area when a tree fell on him. It is still unclear how the tree fell or whether the accident could have been prevented.

Unfortunately, it took emergency rescuers quite a bit of time to reach the man at his remote work site. In part because of bad weather and in part because of the inaccessibility of the accident site, rescuers had to trek almost one mile before they were able to get to the man. During that time his coworkers had been performing CPR, but he died from his fatal crush injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Source: WSOC TV 9, “Worker dies at hospital after tree falls on him in Burke Co.,” Feb. 27, 2013


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