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April 2013 Archives

Burns to firefighters can still be serious

Many people in Grand Junction may assume that the firefighters they see bravely working to keep people safe are safe themselves. Even though they recognize that there is considerable risk and danger associated with uncontrolled fires, the firefighters are also trained and have considerable safety equipment that should keep them safe. Just because they have the equipment and training, however, doesn't mean that dangerous accidents don't happen, leaving firefighters seriously injured and reliant on workers' compensation.

Get injured on a work trip? Employer may be held liable

An interesting court case unfolding in an East Coast state should cause Colorado residents to think about what actually constitutes a "work-related injury." While the case is taking place at the state and not the federal level, it could always impact how other states shape their laws related to benefits for injured workers.

Should firefighters have to prove cancer is from battling fires?

It is no surprise that firefighting is a dangerous job in Aurora, but, just like everyone else, Colorado firefighters are entitled to federal and state protections. Just like employees in any other field, a professional firefighter can receive workers' compensation for any injuries or illnesses he or she sustains on the job. As individuals who risk so much to keep us safe, there is no reason why we shouldn't give them the same benefits as everyone else.

Simple steps may reduce risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

Although many people in Denver may assume that an office job is the safest place to work, there are still many people every year who have to take time off of work, seek medical attention and, in some cases, may have to stop working entirely because of a repetitive stress condition that is affecting more and more people: carpal tunnel syndrome. As more positions become computer-heavy and require long hours of typing, it is only natural that more people will start to suffer pain, weakness or numbness in their hands and wrists. There are, however, some relatively simple steps to reducing the risk of the condition.

Supreme Court decides that worker only pays back true recovery

An interesting decision by the Supreme Court of the United States will likely affect how workers' compensation is paid out in the future in Colorado and across the country. The case involved an airline mechanic who was injured on the job and whose medical bills had been paid by his employer, US Airways. After he had recovered, the mechanic had filed a personal injury lawsuit against the driver that caused the car accident in which he was injured. He also received some money from his insurance company. The question the justices were deciding was exactly how much did the man have to pay his employer back.

Older workers less likely to report on-the-job injuries

What may seem like a young person's field -- construction -- is becoming increasingly grayer. Regardless of the reason, having a larger number of older individuals in Colorado construction raises questions about their safety. Surprisingly, however, there are far fewer reports of on-the-job injuries among older construction workers and older workers are also less likely to apply for workers' compensation benefits. There is concern, however, that many of these men and women are just not reporting injuries, not that they are less likely to be injured.

Employees' back pain could be relieved by stem cell injections

After a long day at work, many people from Greeley may find themselves with a sore back, but the back ache will typically go away after a night's sleep. For some people, however, their back pain will never go away. Whether it was from a workplace accident or the result of repetitive motions, chronic lower back pain is a serious problem in Colorado and can lead to an employee filing for workers' compensation.

Employee injured on the job hospitalized for a year

For anyone in Denver who has had to miss some work, they know that just losing a week's worth of pay can be very difficult. Now, imagine not getting paid for a year; for many people it would be next to impossible to cover costs without getting paid for a year. Throw medical expenses on top of that and most people would quickly become impoverished. Fortunately, if someone is missing work because of an on-the-job injury, he or she could still be getting paid through the Colorado workers' comp benefits program.

Airbag recall could have serious effect on employee safety

When someone in Denver thinks about the workplace, he or she likely thinks about an office building, or at the very least some kind of work site, but there are all kinds of workplaces, including a car. For someone whose job it is to deliver products, he or she may spend most of the day in a car. And, just like any other employee, someone whose workplace is in a car deserves to be protected from accidents and injuries. When they aren't, they can often claim workers' compensation.

Construction workers injured after falling inside structure

As buildings are built in Aurora, many construction companies take great care to reduce the number of falls from the roof of the building. While falling from the roof is certainly a risk, it is also important to remember that there is also a risk of falling within a partially constructed structure. Colorado employers also must take measures to ensure that their construction workers are not falling inside the structure, just as they would for falls from the roof.

Federal government focuses more on short- than long-term problems

Many people in Denver likely believe that they, as employees, are sufficiently protected from workplace hazards by the regulations put in place by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA is designed to keep offices, workplaces and construction sites safe; it regulates all kinds of aspects of work in an effort to keep employees healthy. While it does all of that, it is also much more focused on short-term injuries than long-term, disabling illnesses.

Workplace safety for migrant workers called into question

Many of the people in the Denver area may believe that their workplaces are relatively safe and that they have been properly warned or trained to avoid any risk. And for many people in Denver that is true, but it also appears that migrant workers and temporary foreign workers are exposed to much more serious dangers, some of which are fatal.

Test tube breaks in lab, exposing worker to glass, chemicals

While working in the lab may seem like a monotonous job for many in Aurora, but that doesn't mean that there can't be serious accidents, too. In a recent lab accident, a worker was injured when he was exposed to chemicals and glass. Firefighters responded to the accident and noticed injuries to his face. It is still unknown, however, how seriously he was injured, as well as what kind of time he will need to recuperate and recover from this potentially serious accident.

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