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5 years after accident, construction worker is still injured

On Behalf of | May 24, 2013 | Construction Injuries |

Being hit by a moving vehicle is not a risk associated with most jobs, but for the many construction workers on Denver’s roads and highways, it is an ever-present danger. No matter how many barriers are put up, reflective gear is worn or signs are posted, there will be some drivers who miss it all and can cause very serious injuries in construction zones. Fortunately, there is workers’ compensation for construction workers injured on the job, but that doesn’t mean the injuries will be quick to heal.

For one former construction worker who was hit five years ago, the healing process may never end. The man continues to deal with a traumatic brain injury that he suffered after he was hit at 50 miles per hour by an SUV. The teenage driver had looked away for a few brief moments as he tried to look at his friends’ cellphones, but that was all it took to cause the accident.

The man was thrown 70 feet and was lucky that he was not thrown off the bridge on which he was working. The force of the impact was so great that the inside of his helmet cracked and he was unconscious for a week. His brain injury has greatly affected his life and there are very simple tasks that he still cannot do, such as tie his own shoes.

In addition, he broke 11 bones in his body and has had to undergo numerous surgeries. While the broken bones are healing, his brain injury has prevented him from truly working after the accident.

Source: KSL, “Injured construction worker pleads for safe drivers in work zones,” Jed Boal, May 9, 2013


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