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Federal agency targets temporary workers’ safety

On Behalf of | May 3, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a strong presence in Colorado and it is a requirement that Greeley employers create safe workplaces for their staff. This includes providing the proper training, safety equipment and a host of other measures that could be the difference between another day on the job and a serious or fatal injury.

When workers are injured, they can often apply for and receive Colorado workers’ compensation benefits. Much of the time, the worker was injured because of some kind of safety concern out of his or her control, but even if the injury was his or her own fault, workers’ compensation is usually still available.

Ultimately, however, it is important for employers to comply with the rules and regulations put forth by OSHA. The agency is trying to make everyone’s work safer, which could preclude injury. And now, OSHA is paying special attention to the workplace safety of temporary workers.

Just because an individual is not a full-time employee or is only employed for under a fixed-term work contract does not mean that he or she should be any less eligible for a safe and secure workplace. Just like anyone else, he or she should feel protected from injury or death while at work. Sadly, employers in Colorado and across the country are oftentimes less concerned about their temporary workers’ safety than they are about everyone else’s. In an effort to combat this, OSHA is instituting a list of new checks that federal inspectors should make while in areas with a large number of temporary workers.

Source: The Bloomberg BNA, “New OSHA Enforcement Initiative Focuses on Temporary Staffing Agency Workers,” Occupational Safety & Health Reporter, May 2, 2013


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