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Federal transportation body lists common causes of truck crashes

On Behalf of | May 14, 2013 | Crush Injuries |

While many people in Castle Rock Parker may look at the large semitrailer trucks rumbling down the road and think about the kind of damage an accident with a heavy truck could cause, the drivers employed by the trucking companies are also at risk of serious injury. When trucking accidents do happen, it is important to remember that it is not always the truckers’ fault; sometimes it is a motorist who caused the accident.

Fortunately, when a trucker is injured on the job, he or she has access to Colorado workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are available to all employees in Castle Rock Parker, not just those in an office or at a construction site. In addition, injured truckers are able to get medical treatment from an authorized treating physician and paid for by their company’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

In an effort to better understand the causes of trucking accidents, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, a federal transportation agency, has been studying trucking accidents. The Administration found that rear-ending is the cause of 28 percent of trucking accidents. In addition, being run off the road was the cause of 23 percent of accidents.

It is true that some of these accidents may be the truck drivers’ fault, but when a driver is injured on the job, regardless of whose fault it is, he or she can often get the workers’ compensation benefits that he or she will need to recover. These benefits will also help cover the medical care that he or she will need following a serious trucking injury.

Source: Insurance Journal, “10 Things to Know About the Trucking Industry,” May 13, 2013


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