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June 2013 Archives

Workers with brain injuries may be at higher risk of stroke

New research was recently published that shows that the risk of stroke is greatly increased when someone has a traumatic brain injury. Researchers found that the link between stroke and traumatic brain injury is quite strong and is as important as the link between stroke and its highest risk factor, high blood pressure. Though more research needs to be done on brain injuries and strokes, this could be an important piece of information for Colorado workers who suffer head injuries.

3 construction workers seriously injured by falling building

What may have started as a regular day for a team of construction workers working on a university building, but it ended with four of the workers hospitalized and three of them in serious condition. It remains to be seen what caused this horrible construction site accident, as well as how long it will take before the injured construction workers will be allowed to resume work, if ever.

Colorado man electrocuted while working for power company

Everyone in Arapahoe County remembers the horrible massacre that happened not that long ago at Columbine High School, in which two students terrorized a school for just under an hour. One of the individuals who was in the school, now 30 years old, recently died after sustaining fatal work injuries. Sadly, the young man was electrocuted while at work.

Hospital construction leads to burns, hospitalization

If it may seem like construction work is inherently dangerous it is only because employers don't always take the time to properly train and protect their employees. Whether it is to cut costs or because they just never considered certain work hazards, construction companies have a history of construction accidents, which can lead to workers' compensation.

Construction worker fatally injured by 55-gallon drum

The family of a 51-year-old man is in mourning following a fatal accident at his work. The construction worker was killed when a 55-gallon drum hit him. A witness has said that this was not the only time that he saw the construction company lifting heavy things with the crane; he described the construction project as incredibly dangerous.

Physiology may indicate likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome

Many people in Denver are aware that repetitive activities can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, but they may not realize that there are certain people who, based off of their physiology, are more at risk for this sometimes disabling condition. Carpal tunnel syndrome is known as an occupational disease, or a repetitive injury, which means that when Colorado employees are constantly performing tasks that aggravate their median nerves, they may develop this condition.

Denver construction-site accident sends worker to the hospital

The Denver police are reporting a tragic workplace accident that happened earlier this week near the intersection of 22nd and Blake streets. The Denver construction-site accident injured an unnamed worker, requiring his or her hospitalization. There is still very little information about the accident, but it does appear that the construction worker was hurt while on the job.

Elevator mechanic crushed to death by elevator counterweight

The family of a 63-year-old elevator mechanic is in mourning after it was reported that he was crushed to death while working on an elevator. While the loss of any family member is difficult, it is particularly difficult to know that someone died in a work-related accident, as employers are required to protect their employees against workplace hazards. Unfortunately, some things are beyond their control, but regardless if an accident should have been protected against or not, the families of Colorado employees killed at work deserve death and dependency benefits.

67 percent of poultry workers have signs of hand, wrist pain

While we have talked a lot about how modern office jobs are causing significant damage and pain that just weren't present in Colorado's workforce before, this type of pain and physical injuries are showing up in more than just the office. Take, for example, the poultry industry. Individuals who work on the line processing, slaughtering and otherwise handling poultry are dealing with high rates of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hot weather, storms cause injury to outdoor workers

As many people in Aurora celebrate the coming of summer, there are some who may wonder how the sun, heat and weather this summer will affect their work. For anyone who has an outside job site, severe weather or heat can make work uncomfortable, difficult and even dangerous.

Construction workers burned in gas plant fire

Natural gas is a common form of energy within Colorado Springs, in part because it is relatively safe. Sure, there are risks associated with any energy source, but for the most part, natural gas is a harmless form of powering our homes. That is not always the case, however, as two construction workers recently found.

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