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Construction workers burned in gas plant fire

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2013 | Construction Injuries |

Natural gas is a common form of energy within Colorado Springs, in part because it is relatively safe. Sure, there are risks associated with any energy source, but for the most part, natural gas is a harmless form of powering our homes. That is not always the case, however, as two construction workers recently found.

The two men were working at a natural gas facility when they were injured in a fire. Investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire and as more information emerges, it will likely be easier for the injured construction workers to claim workers’ compensation benefits. While only two of the workers were hospitalized, others appear to have been hurt in the fire, but refused treatment.

Although going to the hospital would have been a clear indicator that the other construction workers suffered workplace injuries, it should not prohibit them from collecting benefits later if they find they were injured more severely than first thought. The issue, of course, will be showing that the later symptoms are directly related to the fire at the natural gas facility, something that a skilled workers’ compensation attorney will have experience doing. If the insurance company or an evaluator believes that the symptoms are from a different injury, the worker can be precluded from benefits.

In the moments leading up to the fire, the two men who were hospitalized were welding a piece of pipe. The pipe should have been clear of gas, as it was considered “nonactive.” Fortunately for the welders, they are expected to recover from their injuries.

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