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July 2013 Archives

Chemical used in furniture manufacturing named in OSHA hazard alert

At a construction site, it is easy to spot some of the hazards that could cause injury to a worker. But in some work environments, the hazards aren't as obvious. OSHA recently issued a hazard alert, with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), warning of the risks that come with the use of a chemical named "1-bromopropane".

Back pain is common, but not always easily treated

If you were to survey a number of employees in Denver, many of them would say they have back pain. Lower-back pain is more than just a result of poor posture or repetitive motions; there are many workers who suffer serious back injuries at work, forcing them to take some time to recover. There is not always a quick fix, though. There are many back injuries that will require complex medical procedures to get the employee back to his or her job.

Colorado agricultural workers struck by lightning in the field

There are certain aspects of any job that can't be controlled. For example, anyone who works outdoors is subject to the elements. At the same time, however, there are practical precautions that can be taken to prevent weather-related injuries on the job. A recent lightning-strike accident on a Colorado farm has some observers asking: Was enough done to protect the workers?

Might truckers' work injuries be prevented by smarter trucks?

Although many people in Colorado might be nervous to drive near big tractor-trailer trucks, thinking that they might get severely injured if they were involved in a truck accident, many truckers are also at risk of serious injuries in an accident. It may be easy to assume that most truck accidents are caused by negligent truck drivers, but that is not always true. And when a truck driver suffers work injuries in Colorado, he or she can file for workers' compensation benefits.

I'll take a McSweat with a side order of heat illness, please

It is hot in Colorado and that means that many people are at risk of heat illness, dehydration, and other heat-related conditions. Not many people in Denver, however, would think that those kinds of illnesses would happen at work. Unfortunately, some workplaces don't have air conditioning and they can be especially dangerous during the summer months. While it can be incredibly difficult for employees to deal with workplace illnesses, they are often eligible for workers' compensation benefits if they get sick at work.

Woman suffers on-the-job injury while working in crosswalk

We have spoken previously about the danger of working on the road; from bike messengers to construction workers, anyone who has to work on or near a roadway in Denver could be in serious danger if a negligent or unobservant driver comes along. Sadly, that is what happened to a temporary worker who suffered an on-the-job injury in Loveland late last month.

Craft brewers have high track record for serious injuries

Denver and Colorado in general are known to produce high-quality beer and lots of it. The number of craft breweries in the state is significantly higher than many other states and Coloradoans take pride in being known for their beer. Unfortunately, all of those craft breweries also means that there is the potential for a lot of people in Colorado to be injured, as craft breweries have on average four times as many federal safety violations as larger breweries. While there were only four deaths reported between 2009 and 2012 at craft breweries, many people suspect that serious injuries just aren't reported.

Traumatic brain injuries can vastly change a life

Many people in Denver may think that traumatic brain injuries, despite their name, are not serious enough to prevent someone from returning to work, but these kinds of accidents can severely restrict what an individual is able to do. While not all work-related head injuries in Colorado are going to keep an employee from ever working again, there are a number of serious workplace head injuries that force employees onto workers' compensation every year.

Construction worker crushed by falling storm sewer piping

When a Colorado employee is fatally injured at work, his or her spouse and children are often entitled to a certain amount of money called death and dependency benefits. These specific workers' compensation benefits are not designed to replace anyone, because no amount of money can replace someone, but to help a family adjust to the drastic reduction in income. No one in Colorado should have to go through losing a loved one and being forced to live on substantially less money.

Teenager's arm crushed, amputated following meat grinder accident

The laws and regulations that protect Colorado employees are sometimes different based on the worker's age. For example, there are certain things that anyone under 18 cannot do at work, such as the prohibition under the Fair Labor Standards Act's Hazardous Occupations Order No. 10 which limits anyone under 18 from using, interacting with or cleaning meat processing machines. Although some employers in Jefferson County may find this rule capricious, there is good reason for it, and the recent story of a 17-year-old boy who lost his arm after it was crushed in a meat grinder proves the point.

Steel beam fails, causing construction collapse

One of the dangers to Pueblo construction workers is that while a building is under construction, all of the supports and structural pieces to prevent collapse are not in place. Sometimes, it is not until a building is ready to open that it is in compliance with the city's building code. Until that time, Colorado construction workers are going in and out and working on a building that is being held up by temporary supports. Should a support fail, however, there would be a very serious accident.

Surgery available to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

As many people know, carpal tunnel syndrome can be a cause of serious pain. Although some patients respond well to treatments such as injections or splints, these conservative approaches do not work for everyone. There are, however, surgical options available to help relieve the pain of those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fireworks show leaves technician with broken leg, other injuries

Many families in Grand Junction realize that fireworks are dangerous and leave July 4 fireworks displays to the professionals. Just because someone is a professional firework technician does not mean, however, that an accident can't happen and leave him or her seriously hurt. Fireworks are, afterall, a type of explosive and it would not be unreasonable for a Colorado worker to be injured while setting up or setting off a fireworks display.

Construction site accident injures worker, firefighter

Our blog has talked extensively about Colorado workers' compensation benefits for construction workers and how important it is for construction companies and general contractors to look after their employees' health and safety. Sometimes, however, these kinds of injuries happen even when there are sufficient safety procedures in place. Construction site accidents can be more than just dangerous to construction workers, however; they can also seriously injure rescue workers.

Insurance companies support workers' compensation time limits

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone in Aurora that it is insurance companies that support restricting how long an individual has to apply for workers' compensation benefits. Although there are many people in Colorado who have no problem meeting the time limits in place on Colorado workers' compensation benefits, because they apply shortly after being injured. Sometimes, however, an injury will only manifest after the individual has moved on to a new job.

Cirque du Soleil acrobat falls to her death, not the only injury

We have talked numerous times in this blog about the fact that it does not matter what your job is, your employer has a responsibility to protect your physical well-being. This means that individuals who work in one of Colorado's many office parks have safe entrances, stairwells and elevators, but it also means that the people in some of the most risky positions, like police or firefighters, are protected against harm, too. And this includes performers who travel through the state.

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