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Fireworks show leaves technician with broken leg, other injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

Many families in Grand Junction realize that fireworks are dangerous and leave July 4 fireworks displays to the professionals. Just because someone is a professional firework technician does not mean, however, that an accident can’t happen and leave him or her seriously hurt. Fireworks are, afterall, a type of explosive and it would not be unreasonable for a Colorado worker to be injured while setting up or setting off a fireworks display.

And that is what happened to a fireworks technician during a July 4 celebration last week. The technician had set up a series of fireworks in a wooded area when he was seriously injured by an explosion. He had already set off four fireworks when one of the fireworks exploded in its launch tube on the ground.

The explosion not only stopped the fireworks celebration, but also fractured the technician’s leg and injured the left side of his face and body. It is unknown what caused the firework to malfunction or whether this accident was caused by some sort of failure to properly train the technician. As more information emerges, however, the technician can likely use it to help in his application for workers’ compensation.

Ultimately it does not matter what caused the explosion and the technician’s resultant injuries; the fact that the accident happened while the man was working is enough to qualify him for workers’ compensation. Determining what evidence will ultimately be necessary to prove he is eligible, however, will fall to his workers’ compensation attorney.

Source: Star Tribune, “Fireworks employee injured after unexpected explosion on ground in Milwaukee suburb,” July 5, 2013


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