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Woman suffers on-the-job injury while working in crosswalk

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

We have spoken previously about the danger of working on the road; from bike messengers to construction workers, anyone who has to work on or near a roadway in Denver could be in serious danger if a negligent or unobservant driver comes along. Sadly, that is what happened to a temporary worker who suffered an on-the-job injury in Loveland late last month.

The woman was working in the crosswalk at the intersection of Sky Pond Drive and Centerra Parkway, applying crosswalk stripes to the intersection, when she was hit. According to Loveland police, the young woman who was behind the wheel had been driving south on Centerra Parkway when she swerved and smashed into the woman working.

Police say that the driver had been trying to avoid another vehicle that was slowing to make a left turn onto Sky Pond, but it is unknown if the driver was just in a hurry to get through the intersection or if the driver ahead of her quickly started to make the turn. Regardless, the injured worker should be able to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

It is unclear how serious the employee’s on-the-job injury is or whether it will prevent her from working for a while. She did suffer injuries to her head and ankle in the accident, yet she was able to put some weight on her ankle, at least until an ambulance was called.

Although individuals who work on Denver’s roads are at risk of serious injury, they do have a safety net in the Colorado workers’ compensation system should they be injured.

Source: Northern Colorado 5, “Two Taken to the hospital after auto-pedestrian accident in east Loveland,” Alex Ruiz, June 25, 2013


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