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August 2013 Archives

Touch-screen technology: workplace friend or foe?

Anywhere you look, people are using touch-screen phones, tablets and even computers. Traditionally, employees use desktops or laptops that have keyboards. But for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, could touch-screens help reduce the risk of a repetitive stress injury?

Booming construction industry could mean increased site injuries

In an uncertain economy, the news of more jobs being created can be great news. For Coloradans, as more people are building homes, more construction jobs become available. In fact, in the past year, nearly 9,000 construction-related jobs were created throughout the state.

Home Depot employees could be at risk on-the-job

Home Depot: the world's largest home improvement store. There are more than 2,000 stores in the United States that hold power tools, equipment, paint, lumber and much more to help people fix up their houses. But what some Home Depot employees may not know is that some of the stores also house workplace hazards that could cause injury and even death.

41 percent of fatal workplace injuries are in transportation

Although people in Fort Collins may think that the majority of fatal accidents occur in jobs like firefighting or law enforcement, job-safety data indicates that these jobs are actually much safer than many people may assume. Instead, 41 percent of on-the-job deaths happen in transportation industries. This is the highest group of fatal workplace injuries in the country and the second-highest cause, assaults and violent acts, is a distant second, comprising only 18 percent of all deaths.

Despite positive results, insurers halt payment for brain injury rehab

Thumbnail image for Eley_8212013_2.jpgDespite many of the safety precautions that an employer implements, such as warning signs or requiring hard hats in construction zones, a head injury is a possibility. And while some head injuries may simply require a day off and a pain reliever, other head injuries can cause long-term injuries or disabilities.

Do fewer reports of workplace injuries mean better safety?

While workers across Colorado should be celebrating that the recorded number of workplace injuries has fallen by 31 percent, many people may wonder whether that is actually something to celebrate. There are people in Denver and all over the country who have reported that an increasing number of employers who will retaliate against employees for reporting injuries. Just last week we brought you the story of three men who claim to have been suspended for taking workers' compensation benefits, but it seems the trend is much more widespread.

Is your workplace accurately reporting dangerous onsite chemicals?

The constant question around workplace accidents and injuries is "can they be prevented?" After an accident occurs, investigations try to identify the cause and what safety precautions can be put in place to prevent that accident from happening in the future. In some instances, workers suffer injuries because they were not aware of existing hazards.

Failed tire results in the death of a cement mixer truck driver

Injuries at work can happen, no matter what work environment you are in. When an accident occurs, it is natural to consider how the injury will impact your ability to work and provide for your family. But what happens to your family? What happens to families of workers who are killed in on-the-job?

Controversy over phone company's suspension of injured workers

If someone in Grand Junction is injured at work, he or she should be able to report that injury secure in the knowledge that it will not affect his or her chance at employment. Especially in Colorado's no-fault system, the idea that someone could be punished for reporting a workplace injury seems ridiculous. Unfortunately for employees of AT&T, it appears the communications giant has done just that.

Mining accidents: are Colorado miners aware of the impact?

Colorado has a number of mines across the state that employs approximately 12,000 workers. In addition, the Colorado Mining Association estimates that around 46,000 people are employed in professions and industries that are related to the mining industry. These workers, which include engineers, consultants and technicians, support an industry that produced 29 million tons of coal last year.

Massive explosion at Blue Rhino plant leaves 8 injured

If the name Blue Rhino seems familiar to people in Colorado, it is likely because it is the name on their propane tanks. Anyone with a gas grill or some other need for propane will likely have used Blue Rhino before. Blue Rhino may also be on Coloradoans' minds because of an explosion that rocked through the propane plant at the end of last month.

Health care workers more prone to suffering workplace injuries

In the past ten years, employment rates in the health care industry have increased. For all these workers, the risk of getting injured is actually higher than workers in other industries. A recent report by a consumer advocacy group shows that the total number of injuries suffered in the health care sector is higher than the number in other industries, such as construction.

A back injury may be the cause of other body aches and pain

It may start as a simple headache. You get home from a long day at work and your head begins to hurt, followed by some leg pain. You're not sure why your legs are hurting so you take some medicine. Over the next week your legs continue to hurt and you start to struggle with mobility. The pain actually becomes so bad that going to work each day is a struggle, and getting your work done is nearly impossible.

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