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OSHA partners with TJC to reduce injuries in health care industry

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |


In a previous post, we briefly discussed the issue surrounding workplace safety for health care workers. Research shows that health care workers are at greater risk of getting injured on-the-job when compared to workers in other industries.

A work injury, no matter what profession or industry you are in, can have a serious impact on your life. There are many examples on this blog of workers who have suffered brain injuries or crush injuries, and families who’ve lost their loved ones in a work accident. In situations like those, workers’ compensation can help take away the financial stress that comes with an unexpected injury or death. But what about reducing the risk of injury before the accident occurs?

As the earlier post noted, concern was that OSHA was not regulating or inspecting health care facilities as vigilantly as other workplaces, such as construction sites. But instead of focusing on inspection, OSHA appears to be taking a different approach to reducing the risk of injuries in the health care industry.

In a recent press release, OSHA announced that it was continuing its partnership with The Joint Commission (TJC). Together, OSHA and TJC will try to prevent injuries and illness to workers in the health care industry through education efforts. The focus will be on making sure that workers are properly trained and understand what specific risk of injury or illness exists in their workplace.


Included in the resources that OSHA and TJC will provide will be information on what rights workers have if they do get injured at work. But even so, it can be complicated trying to figure out what to do if a worker gets hurt. It can help to speak with someone who understands workers’ compensation law, especially when trying to claim benefits.

Source: OSHA Trade News Release, “OSHA and The Joint Commission renew alliance to protect safety and health of health care workers,” Aug. 21, 2013


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