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Workplace back injuries may be helped by Chinese herbal medicine

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2013 | Workplace Injuries |

It is not that uncommon to have a sore back at the end of a long day at work. This is true of both office workers and people doing much more physical labor, yet something like an injury to the spine is much more serious and often the result of a workplace accident. In some of the most severe cases, Denver employees may find themselves paralyzed or severely immobilized because of a spinal cord injury. While they use workers’ compensation benefits to recover, they may also turn to traditional Chinese herbal medicine as another source of relief.

A new study has found that Ji-Sui-Kang, a Chinese herbal treatment, may help repair some of the damage associated with spinal cord injuries and potentially restore some of the body functions compromised by the injury. Though the treatment has only been studied in rats with spine injuries, Ji-Sui-Kang has been around for quite some time.

This recent study looked at how Ji-Sui-Kang would affect rats immediately following a spinal cord injury as compared to a group of rats given a saline solution. Both groups of rats were given medicine or solution for 21 days immediately following their injuries. The researchers found that the rats given the herbal medicine had better limb function, better motor skills and had an easier time moving than those receiving saline solution.

While this is certainly not a guaranteed treatment, or even one that will work well with employees who have injured their spine in a workplace accident, it may be one of many options for people who hurt their back at work.

Source: Voice of America, “Ancient Chinese Treatment Could Be Effective in Treating Spinal Cord Injuries,” Aug. 20, 2013


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