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October 2013 Archives

Interpretation of OSHA clause focus of SeaWorld appeal

It's hard to believe that it has been nearly three years since the SeaWorld trainer was killed on-the-job during a routine performance. The news of the death spread across the country, especially after an OSHA investigation revealed multiple safety violations. But the national theme park conglomerate appealed the citations and the case is now in front of the US Court of Appeals.

Holiday season could bring more workplace injuries

For most Denver families, the holidays bring thoughts of food, family and fun. There are trips to the grocery store and department stores as people try to find the right ingredients and the best presents for their loved ones. But for those who load deliveries, the holidays can bring a different type of concern to mind.

Increased Colorado's workers' comp rates coming in 2014

For most people in Colorado, workers' compensation benefits are paid out to employees who become hurt on the job. For Denver employers, however, workers' compensation benefits are the result of workers' compensation insurance premiums. Employers must pay into an insurance system for their employees to be eligible for benefits should they have a work injury, and these premiums will be going up for the fourth year in a row. Though these figures don't directly affect injured workers, they could influence changes in the workplace.

Workers who suffer a brain injury may see personality change

Often we discuss many of the different ways that a brain injury can impact a worker after an accident. There are the physical implications, that require therapy and check-ups, and there are financial implications from medical expenses. For brain injury victims, these are the immediate concerns that come up after the injury.

OSHA campaign hopes to reduce construction site fall deaths

Did you know that construction workers can suffer serious injuries, such as a back injury or neck injury, if they fall from just six feet above a lower level? The distance may not seem that great, but even so a fall, whether from scaffolding or a tall ladder, a serious injury can have many implications for the worker.

Microsoft co-founder to fund spinal cord injury research

When someone in Aurora suffers a serious back injury at work, he or she may be left paralyzed. Although anyone who loses mobility or use of their limbs due to a workplace back injury is eligible for workers' compensation, an injured worker likely hopes to one day regain the full use of his or her limbs through new technologies. One of the co-founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen, is hoping to help make new technology available by funding a research team to develop a new prosthetic that should overcome hand and arm paralysis.

Nature's pests to help with brain injury recovery research?

It's no surprise that a head injury can result from a number of different traumatic incidents. Whether while at work at a construction site or trying to retrieve a ream of paper from a top shelf, a worker can get struck on the head and unknowingly have a brain injury.

Worker crushed by rebar load dies at hospital

When a worker suffers a serious injury at a job site, such as a crush injury, there is typically an investigation to look into the cause of the accident. These types of investigations can take weeks and even months. Often the first concern is whether the area is safe for workers to return to work.

Crystalline silica comment period may need an extension

When we mentioned last month that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration was proposing a change to how much crystalline silica dust an employee could be exposed to, it was understood that many organizations within the construction industry would be upset by the proposed changes. Since the proposed changes were first announced, however, they have had 90 days to review OSHA's findings and make public comments. Yet some of the organizations are arguing that the 90 days just haven't been enough and that they need another 90 days to truly make thoughtful comments on OSHA's proposal.

Better, stronger, faster... could bionic limbs be reality?

Colorado residents, the future may be upon us! A team of engineers have created what is now being referred to as the first "bionic man". The "bionic man" is actually a robot that engineers have been working on, using parts from over a dozen manufacturers. This type of technology has many implications, especially on aesthetic prostheses work. Whether an accident victim loses an arm, a leg, or even suffers a spinal cord injury, robotics technology could help that individual regain some functionality.

No eyewash station: alkaline exposure can cause serious damage

Eley_10102013_1.jpgLab workers, listen up! Did you know that your workplace needs to have a standard eyewash station? In fact, any type of environment where workers are handling hazardous chemicals, such as alkalines or acids, should have eyewash stations that are accessible to workers.

Government shutdown: can it impact worker benefits?

The two words that are on the mind of most Americans: government shutdown. The pressure is on for the government, as many federal workers have been on furlough from their jobs for nearly two weeks. But one thing that furloughed workers may not have thought about is whether they can still collect benefits during the shutdown.

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