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Holiday season could bring more workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

For most Denver families, the holidays bring thoughts of food, family and fun. There are trips to the grocery store and department stores as people try to find the right ingredients and the best presents for their loved ones. But for those who load deliveries, the holidays can bring a different type of concern to mind.

As the holidays draw near, stores are getting ready for an increase in the demand for certain products. More toys and gifts on the shelves mean more boxes and pallets being transported and loaded from trucks to storage areas. Everyone involved in the process, but specifically workers who operate the machinery, is at a greater risk of a workplace injury.

With the increased demand, businesses may also hire additional seasonal employees to help with the extra work. Additional workers means more people in a space during what can be a hectic season. Employers should ensure that all workers both experienced and new, are trained on how to correctly handle machinery and operate equipment such as lifts, pallet trucks and other stacking vehicles.

There are few things more discouraging than suffering an injury during the holiday season. An injury, even what seems like a minor one, could get in the way of the family festivities and outings. There might be added financial strain if the worker has unplanned medical expenses or is unable to go back to work while he or she recovers.

No one wants to disappoint their children or spouse during the holidays. Speaking with someone who understands workplace injuries and workers’ compensation benefits can help an injured worker deal with financial challenges this holiday season.

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