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November 2013 Archives

Wyoming natural gas field explosion injures 5

Workers' compensation in Colorado and around the US is an important topic to understand if a person has been hurt at work. If a person is involved in a workplace accident or has been diagnosed with an illness that is related to their work environment or job responsibilities, the injured worker has a right to inquire about benefits, despite who was "at fault" in causing the accident.

It's that time again: Black Friday! Dangerous for retail workers?

If you work in the retail industry, you are well aware of Black Friday. This day traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With so many deals and door busters, people often map out their shopping strategy, taking into account the other holiday shoppers they are sure to run into.

Simple blood test now able to detect brain injuries

Have you ever hit your head at work? Perhaps the blow to the head was strong enough to give you a concussion. If so, have you ever wondered what sort of long-term effects an injury like that can have on you? If you’re like most of our readers, then you probably answered yes to that last question. Because you can’t see what’s going on inside your head, it’s difficult to tell if a brain injury has caused permanent damage or will have any lasting effects that make you unable to work. As a result, people are often left wondering if there is any way to catch this issue early before it becomes a major problem.

Colorado mining company under investigation after fatal accident

Even when a work environment has good safety records, an accident can still occur and injure or even kill workers. Just recently, the Revenue-Virginius mine in Ouray, a mine that has never had a fatal accident, was the location of two miner deaths.

Carpal tunnel and a mouse: What's the connection?

Occupational diseases continue to be a growing concern for employees. Many people now have jobs that require them to sit and work at a computer for a majority of the day. Even with the help of ergonomic chairs and ergonomic assessments, the risk of an injury such as carpal tunnel still exists.

Wearable robots are helping the paralyzed walk again

Back in October we talked to our readers about how technological advancements could help paralyzed people walk once more. At the time, Microsoft was hoping to make this type of technology available within eight to 15 years; but as our readers will soon see, this technology may be closer than Microsoft originally thought.

To help protect road workers, Colorado DOT reduces speed limits

There are few things more concerning for commuters than dangerous road conditions. Often construction that people see on their way to work is construction to make the roads safer. But for many Colorado commuters, construction can be an added frustration.

Workplace safety is more than having procedures in place

“Safety first!” This may be the motto at your place of employment. There may be safety procedures in place to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries; employees may be encouraged to follow safety protocol. But many workers may find that despite existing procedures, incidents are still occurring.

Are benefits available for workers who suffer a "mental injury"?

From neck injuries to broken bones, it can be fairly obvious when a worker gets hurt. In many situations, identifying the injury as well as the accident that caused the injury requires a simple investigation into the incident. But for some workers, the injury isn't as apparent.

Construction sites need female-specific safety measures in place

Though the media may portray construction workers as male, there are an increasing number of women in Aurora and across the country who are finding successful careers in construction. These women, however, are at risk for incredible injuries because of a lack of female-specific safety measures. Employees have a right to a safe work environment, whether by creating a truly safe environment, or by providing safety equipment, trainings and adopting other protective measures to keep employees safe.

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