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To help protect road workers, Colorado DOT reduces speed limits

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2013 | Workplace Safety |

There are few things more concerning for commuters than dangerous road conditions. Often construction that people see on their way to work is construction to make the roads safer. But for many Colorado commuters, construction can be an added frustration.

But for construction workers, that frustration can be a risk of injury. Drivers who may not see or do not pay attention to reduced speed limit signs could cause accidents or strike workers who are on the side of the road. This is in addition to the injuries that can result from simply being at the construction site.

If there is roadwork that drivers should be aware of, the Colorado Department of Transportation will put that information on their site. For example, the expansion project on I-25 includes work such as installing guardrails, removing concrete barriers and making sure that the lights and signs are working correctly.

In order to protect both workers and drivers, the CDOT is reducing the speed limit in that area by 10 miles per hour. The speed limit at night in this area is even lower in order to protect workers and drivers when there is reduced visibility.

For road workers, their safety is affected by drivers and their vehicles. As the holidays draw near, a construction accident injury can mean a more difficult time for the worker and his or her family. Medical bills and general pain and discomfort can be frustrating, especially when there are lots of family activities to attend.

Thankfully, there are resources for injured workers that can provide help during a trying time. Speaking with someone who has experience with workers’ compensation claims can help an injured worker get the benefits they need.

Source: CDOT News Release, “CDOT lowering Speed Limit through I-25 Expansion Project”, Nov. 13, 2013.


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