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Theme park performer injured after being shot by a gun

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

There are many different amusement parks that families can enjoy in the state of Colorado. Parents and kids can find things they are both interested in doing. But many people forget the hundreds of employees who work to keep these parks up and running smoothly.

For amusement park employees, there are always a lot of things going on at once. Maintaining rides to keep them for visitors probably seems like the most common way that employees can get injured. But a recent accident at a theme park on the East Coast is another example of a work-related injury.

A park performer sustained an injury after he was hit by a projectile during a performance. The show involved a shootout between two men. And while the gun was supposed to be loaded with blanks, this was not the case when the performer was hurt. It’s not clear what happened, but police are investigating the possibility that the show prop was tampered with.

In this type of situation, the employer could be cited for safety violations. These types of citations often involve a monetary fine that the employer has to pay. For the amusement park owner, the accident left her with a hefty fine and the requirement that she take the appropriate steps to prevent a similar accident from occurring in the future.

Employees should remember that there are a lot of ways an accident can happen at work. From ladder falls to toxic exposure, and even a tampered show gun, the resulting injuries can lead to lost wages, medical expenses and long-term therapy. When this happens, a worker needs support and guidance from someone who understands the implications of a work accident.

Source: UPI, “Fake gunfight leads to real citation for workplace injury,” Dec. 11, 2013.


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