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How severe workplace illness was passed from father to son

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2014 | Workplace Illnesses |

Lots of kids probably have memories of their mom and/or dad returning home from work. Maybe the parents carried their briefcases through the door or quickly threw their work boots off once inside. Whatever the parents’ profession, kids will take something from the hard work and dedication that their parents put into their jobs.

While the ideal thing for kids to take from their parents’ hard work is a strong work ethic and pride in what one does, an out-of-state work illness story proves that parents’ work can put kids in harm’s way. A father died of lung cancer in 1994, a loss related to asbestos at work. And the workplace illness spread even further than to the dad only.

The father worked for a brake manufacturing company. He was commonly in contact with products containing asbestos, and the dangerous substance coated the worker’s clothing — clothing he brought home with him. Those contaminated clothes changed the worker’s son’s life.

Decades after the father’s hazardous work and him having died because of it, his son lives with a life-threatening illness traced back to his father’s job. He suffers from mesothelioma that is the result of the asbestos his father brought home on his work clothes.

A court recently ruled in favor of the son, a plaintiff in a toxic exposure case against his late father’s employer. The ruling, while some sort of victory for the cancer patient and his family, won’t take back the loss and suffering that has already occurred.

Asbestos continues to be a threat to Colorado workers’ safety, and apparently even the safety of their family. Someone who believes that they are exposed to the toxin at their place of work should talk to a Colorado asbestos exposure lawyer who can fight for their rights to a safer workplace as well as workers’ compensation.

Source: EHS Today, “English Professor, Wife Win Record-Setting Asbestos Lawsuit,” Sandy Smith, Jan. 23, 2014


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