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Popular sporting event linked to fatal construction accident

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2014 | Construction Injuries |

It might not be considered the Colorado or American pastime, but soccer most definitely has its place in the hearts of many in the U.S., as well as among millions of sports fans in the world. That is what makes a Brazil worker safety story worth discussing in Colorado.

This year, a couple of World Cup matches are to take place in Brazil. The preparation for the awaited event, starting in June, means necessary construction of a proper stadium. As with the common type of construction work that takes place in Colorado, the international job is dangerous for its workers.

Last month, a worker was killed in a construction accident while working on an elaborate roof for the arena. The Denver Post indicates that the work accident victim fell and died from his injuries. Sadly, the construction worker’s death wasn’t the first connected to the country’s World Cup stadium project. Two workers died in a crane accident in November.

Clearly, the specific construction site needs proper safety evaluations and regulations enforced in order to avoid worker injuries and fatalities. A high-profile sporting event is no reason for employers and workers to neglect necessary safety measures.

The construction accidents serve as reminders of what can happen to workers in the field. As in the case of the most recent death, workers who work at high elevations are in danger of falling if proper measures are not in place. Also, construction workers commonly use heavy machinery while on the job and get hurt when regulations are not followed or when machinery is faulty.

Someone who is injured in a construction accident should discuss the incident with a workers’ compensation attorney in their area.

Source: The Denver Post, “Worker dies at World Cup stadium construction site,” Tales Azzoni, Dec. 14, 2013


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