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February 2014 Archives

Government clarifies OSHA's boundaries on family farms

Colorado has its share of farming. A work safety story regarding a certain type of farms, therefore, has an impact in the state. Specifically, family farms of a certain smaller size in Colorado should feel secure that no legal worker safety changes are to come upon them.

Radiation damage done decades ago still current Colorado news

Sometimes it can feel like one gives his or her life to their work. For most workers, that might simply mean that they devote a lot of time to their job. For others, unfortunately, it might mean that they literally lose quality of their life because of their work. 

Is need for Wi-Fi speed contributing to workplace dangers?

That cellphone that your hand is seemingly glued to doesn't just work by means of magic. A lot of work goes into the convenience of a cellphone and its services. Unfortunately, the consistent upgrades in the name of Internet speed and signal strength are taking a toll on workplace safety.

Health risks prove filing for workers' comp should be easier

No one ever said life was easy. There are certainly life moments that are tougher than others. One such life hurdle is getting injured in a workplace accident. With the stress of being injured at work, the last thing a person needs is more stress when trying to tie up loose ends.

World Cup preparations prove deadly for construction workers

With the Olympics currently taking over the TVs and conversations of people all over the world, it is no news that sports bring out the fanatics of people. Sporting events can bring people together. They can create a shared loyalty and pride, a sense of team among even complete strangers.

Look out below! Roof collapse in Colorado due to heavy snow.

As the winter months continue, we also continue our informal series on snow-related workplace hazards. Previously we’ve discussed some of the dangers that ski resort workers can face while on the slopes as well as hazards associated with snow removal. But snow-related work accidents can affect employees who are indoors as well.

Should OSHA be allowed to inspect small farms?

As many people in Colorado know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has long been tasked with ensuring that workplaces across the country are safe for employees. The agency performs periodic inspections and often investigates workplaces after a worker is injured -- fining companies who are in violation of certain laws. Although OSHA's role in ensuring workplace safety is generally seen as a good thing, some sectors would rather not have anything to do with OSHA.

Marijuana laws can impact Colorado workers' compensation cases

It can be difficult for an entire legal system to catch up to just one legal change. An example of that point is marijuana and workers' compensation laws in Colorado. Adults can smoke marijuana legally, even for simple recreational purposes, but that doesn't mean that all the laws are on their side if they have the drug in their system.

Health workers: Help the sick and hurt and get sick and hurt

All kinds of sacrifice can come with all kinds of professions. The healthcare industry is no exception. In fact, workplace safety reports indicate that the healthcare industry is an especially high-risk field in regards to workplace illness and injuries.

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