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World Cup preparations prove deadly for construction workers

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2014 | Construction Injuries |

With the Olympics currently taking over the TVs and conversations of people all over the world, it is no news that sports bring out the fanatics of people. Sporting events can bring people together. They can create a shared loyalty and pride, a sense of team among even complete strangers.

In the case of this year’s upcoming World Cup, however, the soccer event is bringing about something negative. Not just one but multiple construction accidents have cast a dark cloud on the anticipated sporting event.

The international sporting competition is now serving as more than just a field where athletes can show off their abilities. It is showing on an international level the danger of construction work and why workplace safety laws are crucial for men and women in the industry.

Last week, a man who was helping to build a soccer stadium in Brazil died in a construction accident. He was hit in the head by falling debris at the construction site. Falling debris is just one danger for construction workers, a danger that can be prevented and that workers can be shielded from.

Another clear danger in construction is working from heights and falling. Proof of that is another worker’s accident that occurred last December. That victim, too, was working on a Brazil soccer stadium when he fell to his death.

Brazil isn’t Colorado; it isn’t the U.S. Workplace safety laws are different there than they are here. Even though the construction accidents didn’t take place here, they are still reminders of why workers here need strict protections on-the-job and workers’ compensation rights.


Source: CNN, “Manaus World Cup stadium suffers third death,” Feb. 7, 2014


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