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Types of workers’ comp benefits in Colorado: a primer

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

We’ve devoted numerous posts in the last few weeks to the process involved in workers’ compensation cases. Our goal has been to inform you about specific steps in the process, such as reporting your injury or possible limitations on your choice of doctor.

In today’s post, let’s look at the types of benefits you can actually receive through workers’ compensation.

As we noted in our March 17 post, there is also the possibility of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in third-party liability cases. In this post, however, we will discuss the benefits that are available to eligible injured employees through the workers’ compensation system.

The place to start is naturally with medical benefits. Keep in mind that these benefits are not necessarily limited to medical bills. They could also include costs for physical rehabilitation, ongoing medication (such as painkillers) or durable medical equipment that is part of your recovery.

Benefits from lost wages are of course important as well. After all, if you are injured and unable to work, you still need to be able to make ends meet without your regular paycheck. Lost wages benefits provide a percentage of wages you are missing out on, so that you can stay afloat financially while you are off work.

There are also disability benefits that distinguish between different categories of disability. We will devote an upcoming post to that rather complicated topic.

Finally, in cases of workplace deaths, there is also a provision in workers’ compensation law for death benefits. These benefits are for families who have lost someone to a workplace fatality.

To learn more, we invite you to visit our page on types of benefits.


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