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Repetitive use injuries, part 2: back and knee injuries

Let's pick up the thread of our discussion of injuries caused by repetitive strain.

As we noted in our April 24 post, there are many different types of injuries that can be caused or made worse by repetitive strain. The broad term for such injuries is WMSD, for "work-related musculoskeletal disorders."

In this part of the post, let's probe a little further into ways in which repetitive strain can lead to a Colorado workers' compensation claim.

One injury that can easily happen is a back injury due to repetitive lifting.

To be sure, back injuries can also be caused in work accidents that involve a specific incident, such as a fall. As we discussed in our April 4 post, back injuries are a pervasive problem in the workplace and outside of it.

The sidelining of the celebrated golfer Tiger Woods due to serious back pain is only one example of this.

Another example of harm caused by repetitive motion is knee injuries. If you work in a job that requires a lot of lifting, bending or turning, you may be particularly at risk of a knee injury.

You may not necessarily notice a knee injury right away, because of the lack of nerve endings in the meniscus cartilage in the knee. But a tear in the cartilage may require medical treatment and perhaps even surgery.

This type of injury can occur in settings such as:
• Warehouse work
• Construction sites
• Furniture moving

Our point is that work-related musculoskeletal disorders can manifest themselves in different ways. From carpal tunnel in the wrists to chronic back pain or knee pain, many parts of the body may be affected.

To learn more about our practice, please visit page on knee injuries.

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