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Home may not be a low-stress haven for injured workers on leave

On Behalf of | May 24, 2014 | Workplace Injuries |

Last month, we discussed a very real issue for injured workers: stress. Being confronted with a potentially life-altering injury, medical treatment and financial concerns associated with time away from work is a lot to worry about — and understandably so. Knowing the detrimental health effects of stress discussed in the pair of blog posts, it may be in the best interests of injured workers to manage their stress levels.

For many people, much of the recovery period could be spent at home. Although this may be a familiar place, it might not be an environment conducive to recovery. According to a recently released study, people are generally less stressed at work than at home. Immediately, these finding might come off as surprising, but a closer look could put the pieces together.

In describing the study, one researcher noted that participants had their mouth swabbed throughout the day in order to measure levels of cortisol, a naturally produced hormone that denotes stress. No matter a person’s gender or occupation, being at home was more stressful than being at work.

Even though many people have mentally or physically challenging jobs, there is a lot to do at home. For example, people often have to worry about taking care of their kids, making meals and completing chores around the house. Despite the fact that injured workers are attempting to recover, these demands might not subside.

This is simply another reminder of all the unexpected challenges that can accompany a workplace accident. No one can be entirely prepared for the kind of change this event can bring, but it helps to be aware of the options and resources that are made available to help life return to a sense of normalcy.

Source: National Public Radio, “Think Work Is Stressful? For Many, It’s More Relaxing Than Home,” Jennifer Ludden, May 22, 2014


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