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July 2014 Archives

Colorado company may have OSHA violations, workman's comp

Workers who are injured on the job may fear precisely how the incident might affect their income. The injury could make it difficult or impossible for them to continue their duties, or require significant medical attention, all of which can cost an employee financially. Fortunately, workers’ compensation -- commonly called workman's comp -- exists to help those employees make ends meet until they can resume working. A recent accident here in Colorado involving a pipe worker may serve as a reminder that employees have options if they’ve been hurt on the job.

Possible workers' compensation for family of concrete employee

When an employee is injured or dies on the job here in Colorado, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration typically conducts an investigation into what precisely occurred. Its findings sometimes reveal that an employer compromised worker safety. The employer’s reasoning for doing so can vary, and could result in an employee needing to file for workers' compensation. OSHA is currently investigating an out-of-state accident that resulted in the death of a man who worked for a concrete company, attempting to determine if his employer was at fault for his passing.

Repetitive stress injuries common in broad swath of industries

At first glance, industrial and office-based work may have next to nothing in common. However, the reality is that many roles in both fields are characterized by repetitive tasks. Those in the industrial sector might install the same component and office workers might complete tasks on their computers for the majority of the day.

How soon must workers' compensation claims be filed in Colorado?

Every injury or illness is different. In some cases, the extent of an injury may become very rapidly. On the other hand, certain medical conditions may develop over a longer period of time, which can cause a delay in treatment.

Is America's workplace safety framework broken? Rules, Part 1

As we have noted multiple times on this blog, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is one of the biggest allies workers have in ensuring that they remain safe on the job. However, this agency can only remain as effective as it’s allowed to be.

Workplace injury and illness: Defining total permanent disability

Just like any type of injury or illness, work-related health issues can vary significantly in severity. In certain cases, a person might suffer a minor on-the-job injury that involves minimal time away from work and a straightforward medical remedy. On the other hand, a person's work-related health concern might be so severe that the possibility of being able to return to the job seems unlikely.

The health care industry: Less safe than construction work?

The health care industry is designed to help people deal with medical issues and work toward recovery or becoming comfortable. With this in mind, it's probably strange to think about health care workers suffering their own health issues in the process of tending to others. The reality, however, is that this problem is more common than some might realize.

A double-edged sword: Construction fatalities accompany growth

In many respects, growth in the construction industry is viewed as a sign of economic growth and progress. Certainly, this is bound to inspire hope after a long recession. Construction projects are springing up in many corners of the country, which has allowed many construction workers to take their names off of the unemployment rolls.

Beat the heat: Uncovering the dangers of heat illness, Part 2

Summer is often a time for celebration. Not only are young people usually on vacation from school, but the warm weather is cause for people to gather together. On the other hand, the heat may be a tremendous cause of concern among those who work outdoors.

Beat the heat: Uncovering the dangers of heat illness, Part 1

Depending on the occupation, there may be certain professional hazards that simply come with the territory. Although this might be true, there is no reason to avoid taking all necessary precautions to identify and mitigate the risk of workplace illnesses or accidents.

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