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Oil refinery facing OSHA fines, possible workman’s comp

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Workplace Safety |

Employers in Colorado generally want to do everything within their power to keep their workers safe from any harm. This can include providing proper training for employees, minimizing potential hazards or maintaining equipment. Failure to follow these types of measures could result in the injury — or even death — of an employee. A workman’s comp claim could be filed by the employee or his or her family to cover any work-accident-related expenses. This could be what happens with regard to one out-of-state oil refinery who is accused of violating several safety regulations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted a recent safety inspection at the refinery in question. Representatives of OSHA claim they found the refinery to have several violations — three of which were serious, and five for which the refinery had been previously cited. Some of the repeat violations were for failing to protect employees from hot surfaces, failing to maintain electrical equipment and wiring and failing to keep floor grating level.

OSHA has fined the refinery over $180,000. The refinery will be given a short period of time to pay the fine, arrange to meet with OSHA representatives or challenge the ruling. They may be subject to additional scrutiny by OSHA, even after this particular matter is considered settled.

Though this particular case occurred in another state, Colorado workers can learn from this company’s apparent errors. If an employee is unfortunate enough to be injured while on the job, he or she has the right to file a workman’s comp claim. Doing so could mean that the employee would receive money that could be useful in covering any lost wages, paying for medical treatment or offsetting any other costs related to the accident. The hope is that it will not take harm to a worker for employers to make a positive change, but if the unthinkable does occur, it may help employees to know they have options available.

Source:, “OSHA: Safety Violations Continue at Oklahoma Oil Refinery“, , Aug. 6, 2014

Source:, “OSHA: Safety Violations Continue at Oklahoma Oil Refinery“, , Aug. 6, 2014


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