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Potential death benefits after worker electrocuted

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2014 | Death Benefits |

Employers in Colorado generally take all available safety precautions to keep their workers free from harm. This can include thorough training, safety gear, maintenance of equipment and other means. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created to ensure that employers follow specific regulations that will prevent injury and death. One family from out of state may need to make a claim for workers’ compensation death benefits after losing their loved one in a tragic work accident.

According to authorities, the accident happened at a chicken production plant. An employee was said to be replacing a pump and was accidentally electrocuted to death. OSHA is now investigating the incident to determine whether the company was negligent in a manner that contributed to or caused the employee’s death. If they find out that there were any safety violations, the company could have to pay a fine.

The company has faced OSHA citations in the past. Another worker died last year in another state after getting caught in machinery. The investigation after that incident led to the company being cited for eight violations, for which it had to pay fines totaling nearly $60,000. If this most recent accident results in citations, the company has the option of challenging the OSHA ruling, meeting with OSHA representatives in an attempt to resolve the issues or simply pay the fine and correct the designated problems.

No matter the outcome of OSHA’s investigation, the worker’s family has the right to file for workers’ compensation death benefits for the loss of their loved one. Doing so could help them cover funeral costs, make up for lost income and offset any other relevant expenses they might have incurred after this accident. Here in Colorado, employees and their families deserve to know their rights if the unthinkable should occur.

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