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Potential workman’s comp after construction employee’s fatal fall

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Workplace Safety |

The construction industry is a vital part of modern life, here in Colorado and elsewhere. Workers in this field likely know that some dangers might exist in the performance of their duties, but they still have a reasonable expectation that their employers will do whatever they can to minimize any risks. If they are injured or killed, they (or their family in the event of a fatality) could file a workman’s comp claim. This is the option facing one family now that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is asking questions about an out-of-state construction worker who had a fall that proved fatal.

The young worker was on a construction site when the accident happened. No speculation has been made regarding the reason for his fall. OSHA is also uncertain of the details of the man’s particular project and of the height from which he fell.

Coincidentally, another man in the same state also died after a devastating fall at his work area. OSHA officials remind the public that the primary cause of death for accidents in the construction industry is fatal falls. They believe that these incidents do not have to happen if employers and their employees follow proper safety protocols. OSHA has not concluded its investigation of the most recent accident, but if it determines that the young man’s employer commit any violations of OSHA regulations, the company could be subject to heavy fines.

Regardless of whether the young man’s employee is deemed responsible for his death, his family could file a workman’s comp claim for death benefits. The claim could be useful in covering some of the wages his family may have depended on, medical bills, funeral expenses or other costs related to his death. Other families here in Colorado have the same option available to them should they tragically lose someone they love to a work-related accident.

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