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Colorado workers’ rights to workman’s comp valid after a job loss

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Workplace Safety |

When a worker is injured on the job, he or she may decide to file for workers’ compensation to cover the lost wages, medical bills and any other expenses incurred due to the injury. Sometimes, an employee may lose his or her job or be fired while recovering from injury. The worker may fear losing the money from the compensation claim, but workers’ rights entail that they can still receive those benefits until they have recovered. At the Eley Law Firm in Denver, our team has handled numerous Colorado clients in this type of dilemma and understand what their rights are and their full range of options.

Workers may not realize that their employer may not hold their position for them while they recuperate from their injury, nor is the employer required to do so. There are some workers who can receive up to 12 weeks of leave, unpaid, and be able to return to their job, as is outlined under the Family and Medical Leave Act. However, some employers will compel their employees to utilize any paid leave they have as part of medical leave. Those who have trouble understanding these types of provisions may need assistance from an experienced work injury law firm.

Some employees may fear how their leave of absence will affect their future employment. They can explain their situation to prospective employers and inform them why there may be a break in their work history. An injury which prevents a worker from returning to his or her former position, workers’ compensation may provide vocational rehabilitation. This can help an employee transition to a new job that can accommodate any limitations they may now have. 

Attorney Cliff Eley has over three decades of accumulated experience pertaining to workers’ compensation. Those who have further questions as to how workman’s comp relates to workers’ rights may find our webpage on job loss to be a helpful tool. Colorado families deserve to have all of their options explained to them so that they may make the best decision for their personal situation.

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