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Ways some employers may avoid paying for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is a benefit that is covered by an employers’ insurance. It is the right of employees here in Colorado, and all across the nation, to file for workers’ compensation when they are injured while doing their job. However, just because their insurance should cover the costs, some unscrupulous employers still attempt to avoid using it. There are many ways that employees can protect themselves. The following are a few tips that may help them do just that.

The most obvious way that an employer will avoid using workman’s comp is by forcing an employee to return to work. They may say that the employee will not have to perform his or her regular duties, but the work could still exacerbate the injury. Similarly, they may offer to pay the employee’s regular wages, which are more than they would receive through workers’ compensation, but the employee will not be eligible for coverage of future medial treatment, nor protect the employee from termination. The worker may be threatened with firing or delay the entire process until the employee gives up the process. A dishonest employer may request that an employee use his or her own health insurance to cover the medial costs of the injury, but this will prevent the employee from filing for workman’s comp in the future. 

An insurance company may also attempt to avoid paying a claim. They may send someone to observe the employee to see if he or she is injured, and they may even take moments out of context in order to attempt to prove that the employee can work. An insurance adjuster may use anything an employee says to avoid making payment, including things that are said by the employee to coworkers or supervisors.

There are many other methods that an employer or insurance company may utilize to avoid giving employees what they deserve. Further information is available online about how some companies may sidestep paying for workers’ compensation. Here in Colorado, employees need to remember that they have rights to these benefits and should never be denied them if they are needed.

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