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Loved ones of crushed worker may need death benefits

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Many young Colorado women and men work hard to support their family and build a secure financial future for those they love. When they are injured or killed at work, their family may face a loss of income and unexpected expenses that death benefits may be able to help with. A person that believes they are in need of death benefits after losing a loved one in a workplace accident may have questions about the process. A young man employed at a steel facility recently lost his life when a large tank fell on him, leaving behind a bright future and young family.

The athletic man worked as a subcontractor for the steel plate manufacturing company and was completing maintenance on a large tank when the tragic afternoon accident took place. The victim was in the process of sandblasting the large piece of equipment when it moved and quickly slid. He was crushed by the 12,000 pound tank that dislodged.

Although he attempted to move out of the way, the size and force of the tank made it impossible. Authorities believe that the victim died on impact. Officials suspect that the supports used to hold massive tanks in place may not have been strong enough to withstand the weight. Reports state that this kind of accident is common, though few people are crushed or fatally injured from it.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is reviewing the accident to see if proper safety precautions were used to prevent an accident of this measure. Regardless of potential violations or liability, the family of the deceased may still be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. A Colorado resident that loses a loved one in an industrial accident may choose a professional to review the situation and help them collect all rightful benefits for the tragic loss.

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