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On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

It might have started out like any other workday, with you working on the assembly line, answering phone calls or loading a truck. However, the next thing you know, you felt a sharp pain in your back as you were packing crates, bending over to retrieve a file or pushing a heavy box.

When you went home that night the pain not only persisted but got worse. So much so, that you’ve spent weeks trying to endure the pain while working, hoping that it will go away, but it just hasn’t.

If this scenario sounds familiar, there’s a good chance you’ve joined the ranks of hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers who have suffered a serious back injury.

Whether this idea makes you confused, frustrated, doubtful or even frightened, we encourage you to read our white paper entitled The Truth Hurts: A Closer Look at Back Injuries In The Workforce.

Here, you can learn about everything from the most common causes and types of back injuries to the rates of back injuries across multiple sectors. Most importantly of all, however, you’ll learn how you may be able to secure much-needed peace of mind via the workers’ compensation system.


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