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2 require medical treatment after explosion at ethanol plant

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

It is not uncommon for Colorado workers to be around and work with volatile substances while on the job. In order to do so safely, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enacted certain regulations that companies must follow. However, whether those regulations are followed or not, the possibility workers requiring medical treatment due to working with hazardous substances is always a concern.

For example, authorities are still investigating an explosion that recently occurred at an ethanol plant in another state. The circumstances surrounding the explosion could call into question whether the company had the proper safety measures in place in order to prevent such an event. The damage done to the building may slow down the investigation into the cause of the explosion.

Fortunately, no one died in the incident. However, of the four workers in the area at the time of the explosion, two did suffer injuries. They had to be treated at the scene before being transferred to a hospital in the area. Their current conditions are unknown.

Fortunately, as would be the case here in Colorado, the employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as they recover from their injuries. Expenses such as doctor visits, prescriptions and other medical treatment related to recovery should be covered through the workers’ compensation insurance policy. It may also be possible to receive compensation for income lost during the period of recovery. If the injuries were severe, additional benefits such as permanent disability may be obtained. An injured worker may not be aware of all of the benefits to which he or she may be entitled, so discussing the situation with a workers’ compensation attorney may be beneficial.

Source:, “Explosion at Poet ethanol plant near Albert Lea injures 2 workers“, Karen Zamora, June 21, 2015


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