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Driver receives medical treatment after chemical burn

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

When chemical spills take place at workplaces in Colorado and other states, the consequences can be devastating. Because such a spill is typically unanticipated, workers or bystanders are not prepared for the hazard, nor are they likely to be wearing protective clothing. While some chemicals can be life threatening, the consequences of some such accidental chemical spills require no more than minor medical treatment.

A chemical spill that caused no fatalities occurred at a warehouse in another state on a recent Wednesday. A spokesperson for the fire department said the incident occurred while a truck driver was delivering chlorine to the warehouse. For unknown reasons, the chlorine apparently came into contact with an unnamed acid, causing a dangerous chemical reaction.

The person worst affected was the truck driver. He suffered serious burn injuries, and he was rushed to a burn center. Four workers who tried to help the injured truck driver also came into contact with the hazardous chemical, and they were transported to the hospital to be evaluated. A Hazmat team was reportedly preparing for cleaning up operations.

Colorado workers who have suffered work-related injuries that required medical treatment may pursue compensation for medical expenses by filing benefit claims with the workers’ compensation fund. If, for instance, the fact that the chlorine came into contact with the acid was caused by a worker of the company at which the chlorine was delivered, the injured driver may have a viable third-party claim. Such a personal injury claim can be filed in a civil court in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

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