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Insurance adjusters may not reveal all your workers’ rights

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

If you have suffered a workplace injury, you may need to pursue a claim for Colorado workers’ compensation benefits. The complexities of the laws, rules, hearings and court rulings involved may seem overwhelming. The experienced attorneys at the Eley Law Firm in Denver focus on protecting workers’ rights. While navigating such a claim, it is not always true that your employer or any insurance adjusters are on your side.

By consulting with one of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys prior to making decisions or agreeing to any findings made by the insurance adjuster, you may avoid jeopardizing your claim. You have a number of rights, including the right to choose a treating physician. Once a doctor is selected, however, both parties must agree before the physician may be changed. If you are ordered by the insurance company or your employer to go to a different physician, you may want to consult with your attorney before doing so.

Did you know that you can be compensated for traveling expenses to and from doctor’s appointments, physical therapy and any treatment prescribed by the treating physician? Our firm will provide assistance with methods to record mileage details that will be required by the insurance company. Another benefit the insurance adjusters may not reveal concerns your wage loss benefits. The level of compensation is typically based on your average income prior to the accident, and any fringe benefits that normally form a part of your income must be included. For instance, if meals and accommodation are included in your wage package, the value must be included in your lost wage compensation.

These are only some of the benefits to which you are entitled; others include procedures for independent medical examinations and more that may impact the level of compensation you receive. Your legal representative will explain your rights and the benefits to which you are entitled in Colorado. All of the knowledge and skills of the attorneys at the Eley Law Firm in Denver are focused on protecting workers’ rights. We will assist in determining which fringe benefits you are entitled to and suggest medical professionals who will have your best interests at heart.


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