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September 2015 Archives

Truck driver fatally injured at work when struck by a trailer

Employees nationwide, including in Colorado, are entitled to coverage under the workers' compensation insurance system. Any worker who is injured while at work, even off-site, may pursue financial relief through worker' compensation. It is a no-fault system, so, regardless of who was at fault, those injured at work -- or families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents -- may pursue benefits to assist with medical expenses and/or end-of-life costs, along with lost wages.

Company disregards workers' rights with cadmium exposure

Colorado employees of companies involved in electroplating are exposed to life-threatening hazards. The Chemical process involves extremely hazardous chemicals, including lead and cadmium. In connection with one of its recent inspections, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently noted that, sadly, some employers disregard their workers' rights to safe environments by repeatedly violating safety regulations.

Worker fatally injured at work when bulldozer lands in wastewater

Operators of heavy mechanical equipment in Colorado and other states are typically exposed to severe risks. Regardless of how many years of experience a worker has, situations can arise that may be life-threatening. A 57-year-old operator of heavy construction equipment at a refinery in another state recently lost his life after he was fatally injured at work. His family said he never discussed the dangers of his work because he wanted to spare them the anxiety.

Injured workers: Silica dangers at Colorado fracking sites

Colorado workers at fracking sites are exposed to a disease that dates back to ancient times and one that remains a severe threat. The danger is in the silica particles -- often too small for the eye to see -- that are contained in the sand that is used in the fracking process. After a 2012 study, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) alerted the industry of the potential danger which can cause lung cancer in injured workers.

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