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Truck driver fatally injured at work when struck by a trailer

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Employees nationwide, including in Colorado, are entitled to coverage under the workers’ compensation insurance system. Any worker who is injured while at work, even off-site, may pursue financial relief through worker’ compensation. It is a no-fault system, so, regardless of who was at fault, those injured at work — or families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents — may pursue benefits to assist with medical expenses and/or end-of-life costs, along with lost wages.

A 26-year-old truck driver recently lost his life in a work-related accident in another state that appears to have been the result of distraction. According to police, they were called to the scene of an industrial accident on a recent Wednesday morning. Upon arrival, police officers found the truck driver approximately 30 feet behind the vehicle. Responders from the fire department pronounced the driver dead at the accident scene.

The investigation apparently revealed that the driver, who had been operating a triple-axle tractor-trailer, stopped the truck and exited to unlatch the trailer. However, he reportedly failed to engage the emergency brake and also did not put the truck in park. Furthermore, it was determined that he was using his mobile phone while unlatching the trailer. The trailer apparently moved forward, knocking the driver to the ground.

The surviving family members of workers in Colorado or elsewhere who were fatally injured at work may benefit from consulting with experienced workers’ compensation attorneys. In cases in which fault may be questioned, professional assistance may be helpful. With police reports indicating that this death was the result of the truck driver’s own negligence, the claims process may be complicated. The guidance and support of a lawyer who focuses on protecting the rights of workers may be invaluable.

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