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November 2015 Archives

Father of 2 fatally injured at work when trench collapses

Construction company owners nationwide, including in Colorado, have significant responsibilities related to the safety of their workers. One of the most treacherous areas of development is trenches. Because there are so many known hazards related to trenches, employers must be fully aware of the required trenching safeguards, and they must also ensure that workers are educated. Every construction site must have a qualified person to evaluate excavations and identify potential cave-ins to prevent workers from being injured at work.

Family may seek workers' compensation benefits after death

The ideal situation at any Colorado worksite would be for company owners to comply with all the federal safety regulations and for workers to perform their duties knowing that all known safety hazards are addressed. After all, all workers are entitled to safe work environments. Sadly, the reality is that many employers focus on profits rather than on worker safety. A recent out-of-state accident appears to be the result of a disregard for worker safety, and it has left one family likely seeking workers' compensation benefits after the death of a loved one.

68-year-old construction worker fatally injured at work

Falls are the source of a significant number of worker injuries and deaths on construction sites in Colorado. Sadly, many construction workers die each year because construction company owners fail to comply with federal safety regulations. In many cases in which employees were fatally injured at work, investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration find that the accidents were avoidable.

Worker fatally injured at work when trapped underneath bulldozer

A worker in another state, who was still excited about the birth of his baby daughter a week earlier, sadly lost his life in an on-the-job accident recently. He had only been with the construction company for a couple of months when he was fatally injured at work. Construction workers in Colorado and across the nation have to face multiple life-threatening situations whenever they are on duty.

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