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68-year-old construction worker fatally injured at work

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Construction Injuries |

Falls are the source of a significant number of worker injuries and deaths on construction sites in Colorado. Sadly, many construction workers die each year because construction company owners fail to comply with federal safety regulations. In many cases in which employees were fatally injured at work, investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration find that the accidents were avoidable.

One such fatal fall incident in another state is currently under investigation by OSHA. Officials reported that the accident occurred on a recent Wednesday morning at a site at which a house was under construction. The circumstances of the accident are not yet fully clear, but it involved a worker falling from a height of about 12 feet. During the fall, the 68-year-old man apparently struck a beam.

Emergency workers from the fire department reportedly extricated the critically injured worker from the base of the home’s foundation. He was rushed to the hospital, but, according to a spokesperson for the police department, he died shortly after being admitted. The spokesperson said the incident is under investigation as a construction accident as no evidence of criminal activity was present.

Losing a loved one who was fatally injured at work is a traumatic experience for the surviving family members. Along with the heartache, survivors will have to cope with the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements. Families may find comfort in knowing that the Colorado workers’ compensation fund offers death benefits to covered dependents. These benefits can provide some level of financial relief because they will typically cover the costs of a funeral and burial and may also provide compensation for lost wages.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Construction worker killed at Linden Street site in Winnetka“, Bridget O’Shea, Nov. 4, 2015


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