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Industrial company cited for repeated breach of workers’ rights

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2015 | Workplace Safety |

Workplace safety is a primary concern in all industries nationwide, including here in Colorado. Exposing workers to known safety hazards is unacceptable, and it constitutes a violation of workers’ rights. An industrial manufacturer in another state was recently cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for multiple safety violations.

Following a second investigation this year, OSHA found that the company was again in noncompliance with federal regulations. An earlier inspection yielded 15 citations for safety violations in July. A second investigation had already been launched in June following a complaint about alleged health hazards to workers operating the spray booth at the company facility. Workers were reportedly exposed to the toxicity and flammability of the paints used in the trailer spraying facility.

Furthermore, workers had to use untested homemade jack stands to elevate the trailers, creating crush hazards. Other identified safety violations included fall exposure for workers on roofs with no safety protections and exposure to large volumes of dust without eye and respiratory protections. Upon completion of the second investigation, 15 additional citations with a proposed penalty of $43,600 were issued.

Most Colorado workers are covered through the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program. Workers’ rights include the right to pursue benefits claims in the events of on-the-job injuries. Although the benefits typically cover medical expenses and lost wages, the specific benefits awarded to each injured worker will depend on the severity of the person’s injuries, and whether permanent or temporary disability is expected, in which case additional benefits might be awarded.

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