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Worker fatally injured at work after fall of over 50 feet

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2016 | Workplace Accidents |

The circumstances of a workplace accident at a landfill and recycling business in Colorado are under investigation after the death of a worker. The plant is known as Henderson Pit and is a landfill for construction items. According to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the worker was fatally injured at work on a recent Monday afternoon.

Reportedly, a worker was performing maintenance on an elevated conveyor. He fell from a height exceeding 50 feet. He apparently landed on his head and was declared dead at the work site. No information related to a safety harness or any other personal protective equipment worn by the worker at the time of the fall was reported.

A company spokesperson said the fire department and the sheriff’s department responded to the emergency. Although the sheriff’s office has launched its own investigation, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was also notified as is required when workers are killed in workplace accidents. The agency will investigate the safety protocols of the company with regard to the tragedy.

Regardless of the findings of investigators, the surviving family members of the Colorado man who was fatally injured at work will be entitled to pursue claims for workers’ compensation death benefits. The insurance program typically provides grieving families with compensation for funeral and burial expenses. Also, it may award a financial package to assist the victim’s dependents with financial obligations and day-to-day expenses for a stipulated period after the death. This is typically based on the level of income earned by the deceased worker immediately prior to the accident.

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