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February 2016 Archives

Injured workers: 2 companies cited for oil field worker's death

Owners of companies in the oil and gas industry in Colorado have enormous responsibilities in maintaining high safety standards. There are multiple safety hazards to contend with in the oil fields, and disregard of safety regulations can lead to injured workers. Employers who fail to prioritize workers' safety may also have to face the consequences of inspections and citations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Permanent disability: 2 amputations, 1 serious injury in 3 months

Workers in industrial settings nationwide, including here in Colorado, are often exposed to unguarded moving parts of equipment. Such hazards can cause amputation injuries that may even lead to permanent disability. A pizza plant in a neighboring state was recently cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after three workplace accidents occurred in as many months.

Elevator repairman dies after being fatally injured at work

There are numerous areas on every construction site that have to be assessed for safety hazards prior to the commencement of operations. This is an enormous responsibility on the shoulders of any construction company owner in Colorado or another state. Neglecting hazard assessments can lead to employees being injured at work, and in some cases workplace injuries can be fatal.

Coffee processing workers may need ongoing medical treatment

Researchers at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health recently reported on the dangers of diacetyl and the substitute 2,3-pentanedione. Workers in various processing facilities nationwide, including here in Colorado, are at risk of developing an irreversible lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans that may require life-long medical treatment. This occupational illness is also called popcorn lung. The chemicals apparently cause scarring and constriction of a worker's airways, and the symptoms include coughing, wheezing and breathing difficulties that may develop into more severe problems.

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