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After an injury: when you can’t do your old job anymore

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

Life can change dramatically for anyone after a serious injury on the job. It can happen in many different work settings, from construction sites to hospitals to airport runways.

The injury can be sudden or it can build over time. But the phenomenon of a life change is exemplified perhaps most vividly in the high-profile world of professional football, where one fateful play can sometimes derail a flourishing career.

Long-time Broncos fans will remember former NFL MVP Terrell Davis, who along with John Elway led the Broncos to their first two Super Bowl titles. His career was derailed by injuries not long after winning those two titles.

Of course, running backs are known for having relatively short careers. But many types of workers far from the spotlight are faced with the challenge of having to find a different type of employment after suffering a serious work injury.

When you can’t go back to your old job

It isn’t only pro athletes who may need to find a new line of work after getting badly hurt on the job. It can happen to plumbers, electricians, pipefitters and others in professions that require significant schooling and training.

What do you do, when you really aren’t able to perform adequately in your old role anymore? For starters, it is vital to get the workers’ compensation benefits you may have coming to you. A skilled attorney can help you take care of that.

A key part of getting all of the work comp you have coming to you is getting good medical treatment. As important as benefits for lost wages are, it’s even more important in some ways to make as full as recovery as possible from your injuries.

Looking ahead

If you reach maximum medical improvement and still aren’t able to go back to your old job, you’ll need to consider what your options are. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can help you in this process.

To be sure, this can be difficult when a lot of your identity was wrapped up in your old job role. The more training you had for that job, and the longer you did it, the harder it can be to let go.

But sometimes it’s necessary. There are many different types of jobs out there. And if you have to take one in a line of work that’s new to you, you have to trust that you have something positive to contribute.


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