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Death benefits may be available to family of woman in freezer

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Death Benefits |

Colorado workers in the hospitality industry may be exposed to the dangers posed by walk-in freezers in the kitchens of hotels and restaurants. Sadly, when a person is trapped inside a freezer, he or she may not be discovered before it is too late. Investigators are looking into such an incident that recently claimed the life of a worker in another state that could result in the award of death benefits to her survivors.

Although the cause of the death of the 61-year-old woman will be determined during an autopsy, the reason for her failure to open the freezers door from the inside is being investigated. It was reported that she entered the freezer on a recent evening and never exited. Her body was discovered approximately 13 hours later on the morning of the next day.

Police investigators and agents of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have reportedly carried out numerous tests that all indicated that the door of the freezer was in perfect working order. According to OSHA records, there have been similar fatalities in the past. In some cases the locks on freezer doors were faulty, trapping victims inside, and, in other cases, workers were overcome by carbon dioxide vapors that were present in the freezers.

Colorado workers who have been injured at work, or families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents, may find comfort in knowing that relief is available to ease the financial burdens brought about by such unfortunate incidents. Injured workers may pursue benefits claims through the state’s workers’ compensation insurance system to cover medical expenses. Grieving families may file death benefits claims to assist with the high costs of end-of-life expenses. Benefits typically also include payments to cover a percentage of lost wages for both injured workers and deceased workers to help with the daily living expenses of dependents.

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