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May 2016 Archives

1 in 5 injured workers with TBI suffered falls at work

According to reports by the Brain Injury Institute, workplace accidents that cause traumatic brain injuries are far more prevalent than might be expected. Although vehicle accidents remain the number one cause of TBI, injured workers reporting falls come a close second, and many of these occur at workplaces in Colorado and across the country. There may also be a misconception that only certain industries such as construction pose fall hazards, but the truth is that even office environments can be dangerous.

Did violations of workers' rights cause death at biofuel company?

One worker was killed and another one suffered injuries in a workplace accident at a biofuel company plant in another state. As is common when fatalities occur in workplaces in Colorado and elsewhere, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate. Investigators will determine whether violations of these workers' rights to safe workplace environments caused the tragedy.

Workers' rights violations alleged by employees of cement company

Colorado workers may expect an international company that is a world leader in its field of industry to recognize the importance of a safe and healthy workforce. Sadly, this is often not the case, as became evident after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration received complaints of dangerous working conditions that allegedly violated workers' rights at a cement production facility. An inspection followed at one of the company's manufacturing facilities in another state.

Workers Memorial Day underscores denial of workers' rights

During commemorations of Workers Memorial Day, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations expressed its concern over the rising number of workplace fatalities nationwide, including in Colorado. The organization continues to fight for workers' rights to make a living and provide support for their families without having to risk their lives. The president of the organization said big corporations profit from the labor of workers who are offered little or no safety protection.

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