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1 in 5 injured workers with TBI suffered falls at work

On Behalf of | May 23, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

According to reports by the Brain Injury Institute, workplace accidents that cause traumatic brain injuries are far more prevalent than might be expected. Although vehicle accidents remain the number one cause of TBI, injured workers reporting falls come a close second, and many of these occur at workplaces in Colorado and across the country. There may also be a misconception that only certain industries such as construction pose fall hazards, but the truth is that even office environments can be dangerous.

The Institute reports that one in five reported TBIs resulted from falls on uneven or wet surfaces or trips over random objects irresponsibly placed in walkways. It was also noted that the increased number of fall accidents in workplaces may be partly attributed to statistics that show that the number of older workers — over age 65 — has doubled over the last 30 years. The importance of protective steps to avoid fall hazards in the workplace is underscored by recommending protective clothing, such as hard hats, closed shoes and gloves, along with providing non-slip walkways.

The industries known to carry the highest TBI risks include construction, agriculture, transportation, fishing, forestry and emergency medical services. In addition to slip- or trip-and-fall incidents, falling objects, vehicle accidents and exposure to equipment and machinery in the workplace can cause these types of injuries. It was also mentioned that distractions and fatigue often lead to falls and other accidents in the workplace.

Injured workers in Colorado who suffered traumatic brain injuries may be unable to return to work for extended periods. Not working typically means no income, and this can wreak havoc on the budget of any family. Fortunately, victims of workplace accidents may pursue workers’ compensation benefits claims. The insurance program typically provides compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages, but it may award additional benefits for workers who are rendered physically challenged by the occupational injury.

Source: Brain Injury Society, “How TBI Can Happen in the Workplace”, Jacob Masters, Accessed on May 20, 2016


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