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Medical treatment needed after exposure to hazardous chemicals

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2016 | Workplace Illnesses |

Colorado workers typically rely on their employers to provide safe work environments. Unfortunately, not all company owners prioritize workers’ safety, as is evident at a facility in another state at which workers were exposed to hazardous chemicals. Two workers had to receive medical treatment after exposure to an unidentified corrosive chemical.

The incident reportedly occurred on a recent Tuesday afternoon at a company that provides various industries with gases and chemicals specifically for industrial use. One would expect a keen awareness of the potential dangers of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the light of the company’s line of business. However, circumstances in which workers suffered injuries were allowed to exist.

Reportedly, emergency workers were called to attend to a worker who had been exposed to a corrosive chemical substance. They said another employee was also affected when he entered the same area. The injured workers were cleaned up at a wash station on the premises, and they were then taken for medical evaluation.

The contaminated area was cordoned off, and a hazmat contractor was called to remove contaminated material from the site. The severity of the exposure suffered by these two workers is unknown, but they will likely have to face the expenses related to the medical treatment they received. Following any exposure to chemical hazards, Colorado workers may file workers’ compensation insurance benefits claims. Medical expenses are typically covered, along with a percentage of lost wages that may have resulted from work absences due to hospitalization. The worker’s average weekly wage will determine the level of wage replacement awarded.

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