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Construction zone worker injured at work when struck by truck

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Construction Injuries |

Construction zones on the busy Colorado roads could be deadly for employees of road construction companies. Despite the dangers posed by the machinery and other hazardous materials they work with, their safety is also compromised by inattentive or negligent drivers who move through the work zones. Being injured at work can not only bring about unanticipated medical expenses but also a loss of income.

A worker was recently hospitalized after he was struck by a cement truck in a construction zone in Denver. Reportedly the man was knocked down while he was performing the duties of a flagger outside the road construction zone. Neither the severity of the injuries he suffered nor his condition was reported.

The incident is said to be under the investigation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration along with Denver Police. The investigators will focus on the construction company’s safety protocols, and they will determine whether all safety regulations were followed at the time of the accident. It is not known whether the cement truck driver was part of the crew of the same construction company as the injured worker.

The Colorado man who was injured at work in this incident may pursue workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical expenses and lost income. However, if the operator of the truck that struck him was an independent third party, the injured victim may benefit from consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer can evaluate the claim and provide guidance as to the steps to take to get the maximum benefits.

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