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Construction worker injuries? There’s an app for that

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2016 | Construction Injuries |

People in the Denver construction industry are among Colorado’s workers at highest risk of on-the-job injury. Construction workers are often exposed to hazards that can result in workplace accidents and injuries from falls, trench collapses, being struck by heavy equipment, fire, explosions and more.

SmartSite is a start-up offering software linked to sensors that monitor construction sites for worker safety in a number of areas, including unsafe levels of noise and vibration, as well as exposure to hazardous substances.

The company couples their software to sensors that detect and track airborne particles, UV rays, noise and vibration. The software enables construction companies to monitor when workers are safe and might not be safe while they are on a job.

SmartSite says it will help reduce costs for construction firms trying to monitor and predict overexposure to harmful conditions, as well as those hire on-site inspectors to assess safety factors. Instead, the company claims its SmartSite monitor will unobtrusively track worker exposure levels without disrupting activities.

One of the start-ups founders said that companies “want to do the right thing for their workers,” but that the costs of routine monitoring are prohibitive.

We don’t know how successful the company’s product will be when it rolls out next year, but we do know that it is important for construction workers to be as safe on the job as possible.

When those workers suffer job site injuries and are then denied deserved workers’ compensation benefits, an experienced Denver workers’ comp attorney can help.


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